December 8, 2014

Wallflower Jewelry

I am pleased to share two of my jewelry pieces featuring Tim Holtz Wallflower papers in the latest edition of Belle Armoire Jewelry released on December 1st by Stampington & Company:
I have always been intrigued by shadowboxes, especially really small ones that would be appropriate for jewelry pieces - thus - a Tim Holtz idea-ology watch body or the Spellbinders "A Gilded Life" series that was introduced this past year is perfect for using small prints and those in back of a paper stash pack.  I was inspired by a sample in his 2014 CHA booth and look forward to working with the new 2015 papers as well.

Begin with the watch body, remove the metal backing plate to use only as a pattern, then lay the open part of watch on a sheet of plain paper and draw a pattern around the outside edge - remove pattern and save to use in later step.   With open side of watch down, center, stack and glue (as shown in photo below) three gear parts to glass and metal watch frame using Ranger glossy accents or a good jewelry glue to secure - dry flat.  TIP - when gluing jewelry parts together, use only a LITTLE BIT of adhesive as too much will run out from the edges and look messy - if this happens, use your finger nail & soft cloth (old T-shirt) to clean up immediately as later chipping off dry adhesive from glass & metal is risky.

Using the metal watch back as a pattern, select and cut a paper circle to fit inside the watch body, sign and date the back before placing against the glass, you may also wish to distress ink the edges. Secure the background paper circle with tiny dots of glossy accents around the inside of the watch - it is best not to glue paper against the glass backing as it will create a mess - trust me on that one! Select two or three of the same small paper print to cut apart for your scene inside the watch. Fussy cut apart and separate the paper print - in this case the flowers and leaves - shape the paper using rounded cuticle stick or simply your fingers - glue only center or end parts of the back of the shaped prints into the watch body on top of the background print with glossy accents OR a heavy bodied paper glue - dry flat.  TIP - before gluing in the paper parts, use Tim Holtz Distress ink markers to colorize the edges, creating illusion of reality and "covering" the white edges of the paper - it really does make a difference in the appearance of the project - try it on a scrap piece.
Tiny rhinestones were added to the flower centers - you can find the small ones on "blinged" alphabet sheets, pick them off the backing and color with alcohol inks to match paper prints then glue into the flower centers with Ranger glossy accents - dry flat.  When interior is dry, reshape paper pieces as desired.

To enclose, cover and protect the contents of the shadowbox, use your paper pattern to cut a piece of heavy plastic (Bazzill plastic paper) to cover the open area - use glossy accents around the top edge of the watch body frame to secure - dry.  The scalloped framed accent covering top edge is made using Ranger Sticky Back Foil sheets, cut to width of 1/2" then trimmed on one edge with small scallop decorative scissors - remove paper backing and gently work around the frame edge - 1/2 of the foil covers the plastic edge and the other half goes onto the watch body.  After secure, use a bit of Black Soot Distress paint on your finger, smear over the foil to dull and grey to match watch color - wipe off excess - dry.

Colorize metal adornments or charms with alcohol inks - dry - attach to the gear parts with jump rings.  NOTE - the  heart and type charms have been "filled" with a piece of the same small print paper in the Wallflower paper pad.  The small metal piece of a flower adornment actually broke off a larger piece I had already colored, so I glued it on top of the heart charm.  I used two link chains for the necklace with stations of colored crystals, add your closure and you are done:

The Wallflower bird necklace also uses small paper prints in the back of the pad, match size to the piece you are working on. The beauty of using the Spellbinders frames is having their exact matching dies to cut the background papers AND included clear top to drop on and finish the enclosure.
Instructions for this piece are basically identical to those above, however, I added real bird feathers under the layers of the wings to enhance and a dot of glossy accents to their eyes.  The butterfly has been glued in the center to the very top and alcohol ink colored rhinestones have been added to the outside frame.   

I do hope you have enjoyed these selections and will comment on the blog and share this site. 
Thanks so much for stopping by - see you soon with some new holiday goodies!     K


  1. I absolutely love these. Especially the one made with the watch body. Would you make a gold-tone (or mixed gold and silver) version for me to purchase, or is retail jewelry sales not your thing? Very creative designs and beautiful resulting products!

    1. Mari Lyn, thanks so much for your nice comments, as much as I would love to produce for retail, I cannot at this time as my plate is full. Please email me at either or so I can keep your contact information at hand and if my schedule changes, I will be sure to get in touch with you about making a necklace. K