September 20, 2014

Tweety Twick or Tweat

A favorite teacher and friend here in Florida is Jill Haglund - "Tweety Jill", TJ Designs - yes you might know the name, she has been involved in the art/crafts industry for many years, authored and published numerous books with fellow designers and has the most AMAZING STAMP SETS in many categories as well as beautiful full color PACKS of collage sheets to use in your creations.  I have had the pleasure of attending her classes, drawing from her bubbly personality & energy while making beautiful home decor.  Here are two projects featuring her Halloween stamps and collage paper packs.  I hope you will contact her on Facebook at or to order your sets today and prepare for the holidays.

Stamp TJ Vintage Halloween and Trick or Treat stamps onto orange tissue paper with Archival black ink - when dry, tear around the edges or cut out.

Trim Halloween cards prints and memorabilia from TJ Vintage Halloween PAPER Pack and the Vintage Halloween COLLAGE pack - I sometimes use deckle edge decorative scissors (they are still out there) to add interest to the overall design.  I also try to find Halloween napkins that can be separated into thinner layers, torn and collaged - it fills in spaces between stamps and prints - the napkin I used here was cobwebs. Using a heavy bodied paper glue, adhere the larger prints around the pumpkins working paper into the crevices - dry.  You might have to come back and make sure the edges of the larger prints are glued into place (have not popped up) and re-glue if needed - dry. Using Ranger Matte Medium and a 1/2" to 1" synthetic paint brush, begin add the layers together of stamped tissue and napkin images - dry overnight.
Add a second coat of the Matte Medium to be sure all edges are glued down - dry - add Stickles Glitter sparingly to add a shimmer - dry.  Finish with Glittered Ribbons and a large leaf patted down with a bit of Stickles - you can raise the stem just a bit and glue the leaf under it to secure - enjoy!

The second project used all of the same stamps, collage papers and stamped tissue - this time to decorate a plain chipboard album cover and accompanying pages.  What a fun little scrapbook for kids in costumes through the years or a special party - have fun with this one!
And here is a peek at the inside pages - many have TJ prints as accents:

I will be featuring Jill's Vintage Santa Clause, Christmas and 12 Days stamp sets and collage paper packs in a month or so, stay tuned.                         Bye for now, thanks for coming by!   Kay

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  1. I love the idea of using stamped tissue paper images to create a permanent pumpkin! It's difficult to keep cut pumpkins fresh here in Florida. I'll jot this idea down for next year! Thanks!